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Mirrors - Complete Mirror Assemblies - Curbside Mirror/Mount, Manual

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SAFE FLEET -BUS & RAIL DIVISIO - Curbside Mirror/Mount, Manual

Curbside Mirror/Mount, Manual

  Part Number: 112167 (12167)

The Hadley Elkhart Curbside Mirror and Mount fits 2008 DRW Ford buses. This Hadley Curbside Mirror and Mount features a:

  • top flat mirror and bottom convex mirror
  • manual adjustment
  • 9 in. by 13 in. mirror head
  • tubular arms
  • contoured fender mount
  • z bracket

    This Hadley Mirror and Mount is for the curbside, or passenger's side, of the vehicle.

    Hadley Elkhart Manufacture Number:
    # S2400

    Price: $338.10 PCS

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