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Air Conditioning - Belts - Bus Parts Comparisoin Table

Coach and Equipment Bus Parts Sales carries Mobile Climate Control (formerly Carrier) serpentine belts as a replacement part for air conditioning units. These serpentine belts are available in many different lengths and can be used in Ford, Chevrolet, and International models. Our serpentine belts for air conditioners fit many different engine sizes, such as 5.4 L Gas, 6.0 L Gas, 6.4 L Diesel, 6.6 L Diesel, and 6.8 L Diesel. The MCC (formerly Carrier) serpentine belts come in two widths, 6 groove, five rib and 8 groove, 7 rib.

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Make Engine Type MCC (formely Carrier) System Coach & Equpement Part Number MCC (formely Carrier) Part Number  
18218550-62000-87click for details
181609775K-6click for details
18000850-62000-15click for details
180599A/C 602-445click for details
18062050-62000-17click for details
24486950-62075-00click for details
18218650-62000-67click for details
181745ko61251click for details
18000950-62000-63click for details
Ford Engines5.4L GasolineMAX System180254 50-62000-86click for details
Ford Engines5.4L GasolineTie-In System18060550-62000-78click for details
Ford Engines6.0L Diesel18058250-62000-66click for details
Ford Engines6.0L Diesel18060450-62000-18click for details
Ford Engines6.0L Diesel18059850-62000-57click for details
Ford Engines6.2L Gasoline234163K061360click for details
Ford Engines6.8L Gasoline18059650-62000-22click for details
Ford Engines6.8L Gasoline181965500-308click for details
Ford Engines7.3L GasolineMAX System243443K060962click for details
GM Engines6.6L Diesel18029350-62000-61click for details
GM Engines6.6L Diesel18061650-62000-85click for details