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Mirrors - Mirror Glass - Convex Mirror, Bottom, 6 X 12

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SAFE FLEET -BUS & RAIL DIVISIO - Convex Mirror, Bottom, 6 x 12

Convex Mirror, Bottom, 6 X 12

  Part Number: 181286 (81286)

This Hadley Elkhart Bottom Convex Mirror is 6 in. by 12 in. and fits the bottom portion of Hadley side mirror numbers S2456, S2450, S2451, and S2073 (Coach and Equipment Part # 12118, #12039, and #12089). This is a non-heated, convex bottom mirror with hooks for easy installation. The convex design of this bottom mirror gives the driver a wider field of view and supports safer driving.

Hadley Elkhart Manufacture Number:
Hadley # 379-4

Price: $30.84 PCS

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