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Mirrors - Complete Mirror Assemblies - Heated Mirror Assy- Curbside

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SAFE FLEET -BUS & RAIL DIVISIO - Heated Mirror Assy- Curbside

Heated Mirror Assy- Curbside

  Part Number: 112171 (12171)

The Hadley Elkhart 9" by 13" Heated Mirror Assembly is a common replacement part for 2008 Ford DRW bus models. This Hadley Heated Mirror Assembly features a top flat mirror, bottom convex mirror, heated mirror panels, remote controlled adjustment, LED turn signal, 9 in. by 13 in. mirror head, tubular arm, fender mounting bracket, and harnesses and installation parts

The Hadley Elkhart Heated Mirror Assembly fits the curbside, or passenger's side, of the vehicle.

Hadley Elkhart Manufacture Number:
Hadley # 2414-OTS

Price: $504.90 PCS

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