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Mirrors - Complete Mirror Assemblies - Mirror Assm Remote Rear& Cross

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Rosco  - Mirror Assm Remote Rear& Cross

Rosco - Mirror Assm Remote Rear& Cross

  Part Number: 112210 (12210)

The Rosco Mirror Assembly for a 2008 Ford bus includes a rear and cross view mirror, LED turn signal, 28 in. E-Z bracket, and a 2008 Ford fender mount. This Rosco Mirror Assembly includes part numbers:

  • Rosco # ASY3080
  • Rosco # ASY6038
  • Rosco # ASY6041
  • Rosco # ARM4071, Coach and Equipment #466
  • Rosco # 3365
  • Rosco # ARM1103
  • Rosco # 715H

    This is a Rosco Rear and Cross View Mirror Assembly with an LED Turn Signal for the curbside or passenger's side of the vehicle. This Mirror Assembly is a remote mirror that includes a heated rear mirror with a flat top mirror and bottom convex mirror and a non-heated mini Hawk-Eye cross-view mirror.

    Rosco Manufacture Number: Rosco
    # ASM00500010

    Price: $454.94 PCS

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